Car Maintenance Schedule Explained- When to Replace Consumable Parts

Car Maintenance Schedule Explained- When to Replace Consumable Parts

Do you want to increase the life of your car & want to cut down the costly breakdown expenses? Of course, everyone wants!! So, a car maintenance schedule should be in your regular habit. Since it doesn’t matter what brand you have, from Hyundai to Audi, make sure to have regular car maintenance. Unfortunately, people often get confused about these questions such as- how often to change the fuel filter, what is basic car maintenance schedule, after what mileage car often start having issues? & many more. Right. Don’t worry!! This guide will clear your all doubts from changing the oil to your ignition system. Just go ahead & be continue with us!!

What is Car Maintenance Schedule?

Car Maintenance Schedule is taking care of your property at regular intervals of time. Sticking to the car maintenance schedule will take you to huddle-free travelling. Usually, you should replace your car parts after or at 30,000 miles, 60,000miles or 90,000 miles. During the car maintenance schedule, technicians often inspect such parts-

  • Replace engine oil & air filter
  • Inspect & replace transmission Fluid
  • Changing the cooling system
  • Replace Brake Rotors
  • Rotate Tires
  • Replace Radiator hoses, timing belt
  • Inspect the HVAC &, many more

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Reasons for earlier maintenance of the car than the recommended schedule-

Usually, the car needs maintenance as per the 30-60-90 schedule. But sometimes you need to conduct car maintenance more frequently than this schedule. Let’s take a look at the factors affecting the car maintenance schedule such as-

  • Climate Condition

    Weather conditions such as- heavy snow, ice and drought leads to frequent maintenance

  • Driving Regions

    If you drive your car in muddy, or dusty roads then you must take care of your car regularly

  • Way of your Driving

    If you pump more brakes on the road then you need more maintenance.

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Regular Maintenance (every 3000-7000Miles)

As per manufacture, oil & filter should replace between 3000 & 7000miles. Because when you drive in dusty roads, tiny particles enter into the engine & to get rid of this follow this regular maintenance.

Maintenance every 15000 to 30000 Miles

Air filter

Make sure to replace Air Filter every 15000 to 30000 miles. Due to driving your car in dusty regions sometimes, all dust enters into the filter & makes breathing difficult in the car.

Fuel Filter

Before 25000 miles replace the fuel filter. Make to have a pressure test before changing the fuel filter. If you found your filter as clogged then, it is the perfect time to change it.

Maintenance before 60000 miles

  • Battery

    Usually, Batteries have a long life span such as 4 to 5 years. As per manufacture recommendation, the car owner should replace its battery between 50000 to 60000 miles. Always keep in mind batteries have a warranty & are not judge by mileage. It is rated by time.

  • Brake Rotors

    When you use the brake in your car then, due to friction, a lot of heat is generated between rotors and the brake pad. So, you should replace Brake rotors at every 60000 miles.

You can also do Resurfacing of Rotors rather than replacing it. Resurfacing is less expensive.

  • Transmission Fluid

    Make sure to have an eye on transmission fluid. Healthy fluid seems to smell sweat & will be pink in color whereas bad fluid smell burnt & darker red in color. This will change in between 30000 to 60000 miles

  • Coolant

    Replace your coolant at 60000 miles. Make sure to flushes the entire cooling system while going to the technician.

Maintenance before 90000 miles

  • Power steering fluid

    As per manufacture recommendation, you should replace it around 75000 miles. Otherwise, it creates a lot of noise while turning the wheel.

  • Ignition system

    If you are using cheaper spark plugs such as- cooper then, it should be replaced every 40000 miles. Usually, the Titanium ignition system has a long life span of up to 100000 miles.

  • Timing Belt

    It should be replaced between 75000 to 90000 miles otherwise it causes catastrophic damage. Make sure to use a timing belt rather than a timing chain

The Bottom line-

Make sure to check your online manual as well along with these guidelines of Taking care of your property before it becomes havoc at any point of time. So, without delay plan your car maintenance schedule fast & mark it in the calendar.