Used Car Is Stolen or Not

How Can I Check If A Used Car Is Stolen or Not In Australia?

Are you also confused either used vehicle is stolen or not in Australia? That’s too difficult for Australians these days!! As per the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, 42592 commercial and passenger cars have been stolen in Australia last year. Moreover, they also state that one car is stolen hourly. This simply means people have more chances of buying a stolen vehicle in Australia every day. So, here the question arises What sorts of steps should an Australian take to prevent themselves from buying used cars. Today we discuss in this blog – “How can I check If a used car is stolen or not in Australia”

Check the History of vehicle

Whenever you want to purchase the second-hand car then, make sure to check the history of the car. As car history will lead to validate the ownership of the vehicle. It includes such as License plate and VIN details of the car, financial owing and registration information as well as written-off identification. It’s a direct way of identifying stolen cars without any hassle. Additionally, it includes all details of the owner of the car and now checks whether the vehicle has a stolen status or not.

Under the registration section, car seller will be declared as the owner of the vehicle. Always remember one thing, the registration details under the PPSR check report and those in car history are not the same. The history report discloses the actual registration details of the vehicle mentioned on NEVDIS that simply means it includes the specifications of the car number but doesn’t include VIN number.

All you need to do is just crosscheck the ownership details through paper supplied by the owner. However, you can easily identify the stolen vehicle. Even though, this may not be guaranteed. Sellers could always make the papers, though this is not a likely scenario.

Get Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) Check?

Just like a history check, you should also do a PPSR check run by the Australian Financial Security Authority. Because PPSR allows you to check the financial Owings of the vehicle as well as ownership details. However, it includes the seller on the list as a debtor under the PPSR section. And, car thieves can steal the car both cars with or without security interest.

In this section of PPSR, if any vehicle is stolen in Australia then it will be listed as stolen in it. By conducting a PPSR check, you can identify the car easily. Do you want to check it though Quick PPSR? Let us tell you the ways to do it –

  • First, log in to the main page of PPSR
  • Now enter the VIN of the vehicle
  • After depositing small fees, you will be informed through emails

Additionally, you can also click on the view report then, it will directly download in your PC as well as the complementary government-generated PPSR certificate.

Check the Penalty Details on a Car

If you face any issue above all mention methods then, you can jump to this option. As it’s not easy to identify the stolen vehicle. In this option, you can check the vehicle’s parts such as engine number. If the engine number of the car is different from the number listed on reports then, it is a stolen vehicle. And, you can get the engine number from NEDVIS-drawn section of a PPSR check or from a regular car history check.

Why should I check if a Car is stolen?

If there is any security interest against the car you bought then, that car can be repossessed, even though you have bought it. Moreover, the finance company listed on PPSR will come to your home and take the vehicle from you. Now they will resell the vehicle and get their claim. Therefore, it’s better to protect yourself from stolen vehicles through prepaid research.